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What is givepact?

givepact is a fundraising platform that converts crypto donations into cash for nonprofits.

Besides building the tech to allow your nonprofit to accept crypto donations, our team will be actively cultivating donors from the crypto community to give to your organization. You can think of us as another lever of your fundraising efforts.

Why is accepting crypto right for my organization?

Crypto giving reached $500M in 2021 and is projected to reach $5B annually by 2026. The average crypto donation is 82x a cash donation or around $10,455.

According to Fidelity Charitable, one in three millennials own crypto and crypto investors are more likely to be charitable. We want to ensure that your organization is first to benefit from a new era of fundraising and advocacy.

What do I need to setup my profile?

We plan to launch givepact in the Spring of 2023. At that point, all we'll need are your nonprofit incorporation documents and where you want us to send the donation.

Does this mean I need to manage crypto assets and transactions?

Nope. You will have the option of having us handle the conversion of crypto to cash before we send it to you. If you'd prefer to keep the donations as crypto, you can do that too.

Is this waitlist legally binding?

Not at all.

If I sign this, does that mean you will start emailing me?

We will only email you as it relates to our launch and setting up your organization's crypto fundraising page. If you'd like to sign up to our weekly newsletter, which summarizes need-to-know info in the crypto and nonprofit space, just check the box in the form below.

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